The Art Of Enjoying Life As An Employee

When was the last time that you really breathed? The question seems odd, right? Scientifically speaking, we breathe all the damn time. But keeping the mechanical inhaling and exhaling aside; there’s nothing meaningful attached to it. We aren’t really giving ourselves the time to just take in the air and feel it relaxing each and every muscle in our body.

It’s horrifying how normal it has become for adults to be absolutely jam-packed with tasks, appointments, meetings, classes, bills, etc. Do you remember the last time you’d felt absolutely free, relaxed and stress-free? Not really, isn’t it? We’ve all gotten stuck in this unstoppable hamster-wheel of money – everything else in life – money. There is no time for health, family, love, travel, exploration, curiosity and many others that make life worth living. We’re just carrying our souls in a bag full of bones and flesh trying to find happiness in money. In a way, we have all stopped breathing.

1 505 games

505 games

So, is that it? Do we have to simply swallow this bitter fact and keep going? Is there no escape? Should we just quit our mundane jobs and run to the hills to enjoy life? Well, no and yes. No – because there’s no denying that we need money. We need it to thrive and survive in this world. Even if we plan to take a trip around the world to “understand” life; we need money to do it. So, saying that one should simply quit their job right away and begin exploring the world would be a gigantic mistake. Yes – because there are ways by which one can get the best of both worlds, i.e., enjoy both life and professional success.

Here are some amazing tips to help you effortlessly glide through your professional life:

Accept That Things Are Wrong

2 Comedy Central

Comedy Central

Most of us underestimate the importance of admitting that something is wrong. We avoid doing it, even mentally, hoping that it’ll help us focus on the “sunny side” of things. It’s indeed a good idea, but not if it doesn’t reduce your anxiety. It’s pretty easy to hide flat out denial under a positive, cheerful demeanor that helps you in no way. In order to find a solution to your problem, you have got to start talking. Talk to a friend or simply consider it with 100% honesty. List down exactly what all is troubling you. Be precise and brutal. This will make it massively easy to find targeted ways to tackle each of them and manage stress levels in a more effective manner.

Slow Down With Those Comparisons

3 Anthony L. Ray (Sir Mix-a-Lot)

Anthony L. Ray (Sir Mix-a-Lot)

As we scroll down our social media profiles and see people seemingly travelling to beautiful exotic locations all the time, wearing expensive clothes, etc; we begin to bubble with jealousy. But hey! No need to feel guilty for feeling envious. Any adult would kill to have all the time in the world to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while their bank accounts remain well-fed. However, the truth is that people’s lives aren’t always as bedazzling as they seem to be on social media. Each uploaded selfie could have nearly 200 other rejected ones, hours of editing and oodles of possible insecurities behind it. Each #couplegoals post could have numerous arguments, separations or patch-ups hidden behind it that viewers cannot see. No one truly knows what a person is going through no matter how perfect or “lit” their social media pages look. Comparing yourself to this version of them is absolutely unfair and causes easily avoidable pessimism. So stop now!

Do A L’il Something Everyday

4 Hallmark channel

Hallmark Channel

Spend some time on a regular basis doing something that you love. It could be indulging in a hobby, a spontaneous chat-up with old pals, a video call with family, cooking or watching a movie – just anything. Staying connected with what makes you happy sprinkles an otherwise mundane routine with motivation and excitement. This is crucial to help you rejuvenate consistently and get ready for the next day with a fresher mind.

Try And Take Pleasure In Most Things

5 Disney


Keep that curious little child in you alive! Remember how easy it used to be for us to be happy as children? Hold on to that excitement! Laugh heartily, dance like no one’s watching, explore all kinds of music, get excited on doing something new and cry like a baby. No one is asking you to throw tantrums like a baby, obviously. But it’s the sheer honesty behind each emotion that I’m talking about. We have all been caught up in this sad little bubble of “WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK” for so long that now, we live a dull, stifled and calculated life where we work according to people’s expectations of us. Stop hesitating. You already spend 9 to 10 hours in a closed, judgmental and restricted box every day. Make the best use of the remaining time of each day.

Keep Tabs On Your Health

6 Warner Bros

Warner Bros

Our current routines are undoubtedly claustrophobic. But there could be an additional, hidden reason behind all the stress we face – ignored health. Its very simple – if our body and mind are both well balanced; we are happier, calmer, more active, efficient and everything else that could make one’s life easier, better. Good health keeps us motivated and energetic. If it is ignored, our bodies cannot possibly be ready to fight all the external pressure that work and life bring with them. Also, no one can maintain our health for us but us. So, eat well! Make an exercise routine and STICK TO IT. Find time to heal your mind. Find some time daily and just breathe. Let go of any thoughts for a moment, imagine having no problems in life and feel grateful for what you possess. Just a few minutes of such mindful and healthy practices can help boost your mood instantly and offer lifelong benefits.

It can be quite tricky to enjoy a stress-free, happy and motivating working environment. People of all kinds influence our professional life with their inputs, especially negative ones. But eventually, our life and its direction are both in our hands and our hands only. We’ll be bombarded with multiple strain-inducing things from all directions, that’s given. Nevertheless, we get to choose whether we let them hit us or shield ourselves ingeniously.

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