7 Reasons To Make You Fall In Love With Yourself Instantly

How many of you can unhesitatingly say that you love yourself just the way you are? Not many, right? Sadly, it is disgustingly normal to be over-critical of ourselves (emotionally and physically) instead of balancing our positive and negative views of ourselves. It’s rather common to find someone nitpicking over their own minor physical traits, mannerisms, mistakes and more that are borderline embarrassing than to someone who is at peace with themselves in every way. I would call myself guilty of it too.


Contrary to popular assumption, prioritizing yourself on a regular basis is necessary. It doesn’t make you self-centered, self-obsessed or conceited in any way. You become selfish or arrogant only on intentionally hurting someone or snatching an important opportunity from them for your own (temporary) good. Self-love, on the other hand, is something that you indulge in to maintain mental health and keep negative thoughts at bay. Many of us are completely drowned in insecurities and self-doubt while seeking validation from others. Here is where self-love saves us! Still cannot decide why you are worthy of self-love? Here are some reasons to help you fall in love with yourself:




Everyone possesses at least one natural skill – something that they are not only drawn to but are also inherently good at. It can be painting, dancing, singing, cooking, acting, learning and others. No matter what it may be, it IS something you can appreciate about yourself. So, don’t hesitate in doing so. Try this – imagine someone else in your place with the same talent. Wouldn’t you praise or be in-awe-of them for it? Then why be uncertain when it comes to you?



We all struggle in one way or another in our lives. Some, we go through without even realizing and some are simply too hard to forget. Nevertheless, today we stand free of them. If not, then we are trying our best to be free, aren’t we? Be proud of this journey you have been or are still on. Acknowledge your pain and most importantly, what you have learnt or are learning from it. If it weren’t for those heartbreaking battles, you wouldn’t have grown to be who you are now. Today, you are better, stronger, wiser, sharper and smarter than what you were years ago. Isn’t that a reason to celebrate?


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The fact that you clicked on the link to this blog and continue to read it indicates that you are ready to learn ways to be good to yourself. You understand somewhere deep in your heart that you need to love yourself and are trying your best to do that. This desire itself is a huge reason to pat yourself in the back. That little voice-of-reason inside you knows what you require in order to continue being your best self and you’ve listened to it. You’ve ignored EGO and its constant nagging, criticism and demoralizing (also called negative self-talk) and have chosen self-love. That. Is. Awesome!



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Adding to the previous point, we are all evolving and changing every day. We learn and gain from every experience. You have too, haven’t you? There might be some things you are still working on yet some that you have finally managed to improve in yourself. You have a trail of achievements behind you, no matter how small or big. Kudos to you for them and for more to come!


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Ever made an infant, a child or an adult laugh or simply have a good time? Do you enjoy laughing and laugh your heart out whenever given the chance to do so? That’s fantastic! It may be hard to believe but there are people out there who believe laughing wastes time *eye-roll*. But if you are someone who utilizes their sense of humour on a regular basis or don’t hesitate from laughing till they’re breathless, then you deserve some major appreciation.




Standing out of the crowd may sound appealing and “cool” to some. But for in reality, it is quite a struggle. People that are unique or even slightly different from most are highly likely to be ostracized, demeaned or even bullied for that. But look at you! You did not change for anyone and continue to stand by your true self. That requires gargantuan amount of maturity and understanding. The best thing is that this also marks the beginning of self-love. It means that you understand that there is nothing in you to feel embarrassed or conscious about. See, you already had it in you!



Look at you – getting up every day to do what’s right for you at the moment. You do not like the people you have to deal with at school, college or work but still face them daily, not letting them come in the way of what really matters – education, hard-work and success. And many of you out there still standing and trying your best to fulfill your dreams even with all the health issues that you might’ve faced or continue to face? BRAVO! Oh, and those with all that dense darkness plaguing your mind? Look at you waking up every morning and trying to do your best all over again. Your story can inspire the world!

We are all attacked by insecurities, inferiority or superiority complexes, self-hate, negative self-talk and self-doubt multiple times or for prolonged periods in our lives. But these have never helped anyone succeed, have they? Giving your best to whatever you take up is highly likely to help you accomplish your goals. And how do you give your best to anything? By giving up self-destructive things like insecurities, inferiority or superiority complexes, self-hate, negative self-talk and self-doubt. And how do you fight these things? Through care, compassion and love for yourself – self-care, self-love.

So, give yourself a chance. Look at yourself from the eyes of a beloved. Leave the judging, assuming and criticism to those who love to do that and indulge in some self-love. You deserve it.

Image Credits: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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